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HSBC Mortgage

HSBC Mortgages are something we have experience in handling. If you need a mortgage and would like it from HSBC but would like to go through a mortgage adviser it may be a good idea to fill out a call back request. We can discuss the HSBC mortgage rates, current products and variable rate mortagages from HSBC to try and find you the best / most suitable mortgage for your needs.


HSBC Mortgage - getting accepted

While there is no way to guarantee a HSBC Mortgage being accepted there are ways that talking to us can help with yopur application. We can assist with financial barriers and how you can avoid getting your mortgage rejected by HSBC. HSBC mortgages can be sorted by speaking to us direct. We will take care of the application process and will let you know if the application has been a sucess with HSBC. If this is not the case we can always apply on your behalf to other lenders to see what rates are available to you.

HSBC Mortgage  - Finding the right deal

Finding the right mortgage from HSBC can be tricky. Where we have developed experience in working with companies like this we are able to approach things for your HSBC mortgage in the right way. This allows us to speed the process up, negotiate a better HSBC mortgage deal and increase the changes of the HSBC mortgage being offerred to you. We will make you aware of any charges or product fees when taking out a HSBC mortgage which will be explained in plain English by our team. Why not fill out your details now so that you can get a FREE call back from us about your HSBC mortgage application.


HSBC Mortgage - Which type of mortgage?

Which type of mortgage from HSBC should you choose? This answer depends on quite a number of factors about your personal circumstances. It may be useful to speak to us so that we can advise. You have a few options when considering a mortgage from HSBC. These are:

  • HSBC Buy to Let Mortgage
  • HSBC First Time Mortgage
  • HSBC Remortgage

You then have the option on the repayment type you would like to choose for your HSBC Mortgage:

  • HSBC Interest Only Mortgage
  • HSBC Fixed Rate Mortgage
  • HSBC Variable Rate Mortgage

So which one should you choose? Let's run through each mortgage from HSBC and we can get an idea of which may be the most suited to your needs...

HSBC - buy to let mortgage

HSBC buy to let mortgages allow you to take out a mortgage with the property you buy being let out to make you a return on your investment. If you buy a property and know you are going to let it out then you will need to choose this option as HSBC otherwise would expect you to be living in the premesis.

HSBC - First Time Mortgage

HSBC First Time Mortgages are there for people who have never bought a property before and are looking to buy their very first place. This type of mortgage is more suited to this market as HSBC mortgages for this market can release some attractive deals. This allows the first time buyer to potentially get a good rate on their first property which will allow them to budget for these costs with more ease.

HSBC - Remortgage Mortgage

HSBC Remortgage mortgages are for those who already have a mortgage with HSBC and are looking to extend this for a longer period of time, change the term, or increase / decrease the mortgage value. This process will involve valuations on the current home you have against what you are looking to borrow and will also take into account the current market climate. This means that a deal you were able to obtain 20 years ago might not necessarily be something you can obtain today. Your circumstances may be re-evaluated and you will need to think about how this will relfect on your application. We can assist with the HSBC mortgage and help you define which areas you can focus on to help make your HSBC mortgage application a success.


HSBC Mortgage Rates - Lowest Ever

HSBC mortgages recently have been at a new low rate which has allowed a surge in mortgage applications due to the affordability of these low rate mortgages however they are generally targeted towards those who have larger deposits. We need to speak to you to understand if your HSBC mortgage can be arranged at a similarly low rate or if other lenders may be more competitive due to the sheer number of products available from mortgage companies. To understand if a HSBC mortgage is for you we need to speak to you about your personal circumstances and your income so that we can approach your application in the most efficient way possible.

Recently HSBC mortgages have been offered at a two year low. HSBC mortgage rates have been set at just 1.79 percent however this doesn't mean it is accessible to everyone. The rate for this product is about £1999 and the deposit required is set at a 40 percent deposit. This means that the number of people who are able to take advantage of this rate is failrly minimal. Therfore it is advisable to speak to us about the best rates at the time of enquiry to see how we can assist with gettin you the best deal for the budget you have.

As the economy improves it seems as though the HSBC mortgage rates seem to improve in accessibility as the 'nervousness' the banks once felt seems to be dropping. This sees more banking and mortgage products returning and banks are able to lend more. HSBC mortgage rates do however vary and the products they offer are always changing. It is therefore always advisable to speak to an adviser about the best deals which are available to you based upon your certain circumstances.


HSBC Mortgage - Getting Turned Down

Some people may find themselves in a position where they have already been turned down for a HSBC mortgage. We can assist with this process and may be able to get them to over turn their decision based upon the calculations. This is never a guaranteed process but we can ultimately discuss the HSBC mortgage with HSBC and yourself do decide the best way to approach the application. If this doesn't turn out successfully we may be able to approach other lenders as they may approach the risk differently to a HSBC mortage. Either way it is worth getting in touch with us so that we can check the situation and establish the best way forward.

HSBC Mortgage - The Process

So when we speak to you for the first time we may take some financial details about your income and your financial expenditure to allow us to run this information past our lenders and contacts. This will allow us to establish quickly what sum of monies for a HSBC mortgage will be available to you. We can present this in a formal HSBC mortgage offer which can be used for you to place an offer on a property. This process will also help you know how much budget you have when looking for a new home. Speak to us today about your HSBC mortgage requirements and we can guide you in the right direction.